Should You Build It Yourself?

Here are some factors to consider. Contractors can usually buy materials in bulk much more inexpensively than you can, keeping the project cost effective.
But do you have the time, tools, and labour?
Research fencing techniques before you start. Get an idea of the professionally built fences in your area, so that you know the styles of fence that fits your soil type and council regulations.
As for labour, it is much easier to build a fence if there are two or more people to unroll wire, set posts, and fasten the wire.
Equipment for the do-it-yourself fencer ranges from hand tools, to hydraulic post drivers and power-driven post hole augers. Many power tools can be rented. Hydraulic post hole augers rent for $60 to $100+ per day.
Powered fencing equipment can be dangerous. Posts being driven can snap or splinter, and wires being stretched can break and coil back like a scythe. Be careful!
Building a fence is not necessarily a complicated construction project. Whether you build your own or hire a contractor, a little careful planning and talking with professionals will ensure you get the fence you want for the price you want to pay.
That’s why the experts at South Burnett Fencing are happy to help you with D.I.Y. advice or professional installation.  Contact us today.